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Yoanna House – Cycle 2 Winner

Next winner for cycle 2 was Yoanna House.  Because of very high determination to model in high fashion, she lot over 60 pounds before joining the competition.  Though she struggled with her walk at first she proved that nothing is impossible with shear will and determination. She stood out from her fellow final three finalists Shandi and Marcedez (both are very successful in their own careers) and emerged as the winner.

Yoanna House was born on April 9, 1980 in Jacksonville, Florida. Her mother is an immigrant from Mexico, and felt closest to her grandmother, who shared Yoanna’s affinity for fashion. Aside from modeling, her other interests are sumo wrestling and rally racing. She also enjoys listening to indie pop music and watching her favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her strong desire to model motivated her to lose 50 pounds. When she became a finalist in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2, she found a very good friend in fellow Top Model finalist Shandi Sullivan . Yoanna likes Cuban and Middle Eastern Food, but is also fond of peanut butter.

Although Yoanna was having tough time perfecting her runway walk during the first few weeks of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2, but her determination and vast knowledge about the fashion industry helped her to ease her way up to the Top 2 with Mercedes Scelba-Shorte . Despite the judges’ initial criticism of Yoanna’s unique body type, she was able to overcome her weaknesses, as she was fueled with the tremendous desire to win. And win she did when after the final runway challenge, the judges decided to crown Yoanna as the second winner of America’s Next Top Model.

Because Yoanna emerged victorious, she was immediately handed a modeling contract from IMG, featured on Jane Magazine and became the spokesmodel for Sephora cosmetics. She has had the chance to travel extensively for her career and has appeared in several television shows like On Air With Ryan Seacrest, The Late Show with David Letterman and Live with Regis and Kelly. Yoanna took on her first hosting job in 2005, when she was asked to replace Elisabeth Hasselback on the Style Network’s The Look For Less.


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Naima Mora Cycle 4 Winner

naima-moraNaima Mora from Detroit, Michigan was Cycle 4’s winner. She was known for her mohawk hair in the competition. Ms. Naima was very introverted during the competition and even admitted that she’s holding back of something from her past that she wanted to keep for herself. Her final test on the runway was a breathtaking one which weighed a lot on the judging. Ugh! Still have the goose bumps just thinking bout it.

Born on March 1, 1984, Naima Mora is an American fashion model and actress from Detroit, Michigan. Her parents named her after the John Coltrane song, “Naima.” Her father is the jazz percussionist Francisco Mora Catlett and she is the granddaughter of artist Elizabeth Catlett. She has an identical twin sister named Nia, who works as a photographer. When Naima was younger, she received dance training, which she was able to show off on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4. She is part-Irish, part-African-American and part Mexican. The film Whale Rider, the television series Law & Order , and the Japanese appetizer, sushi, are listed as some of Naima’s favorites.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Naima started the competition strongly. She won three rewards challenge, one of which required the girls to act alongside hunky actor Boris Kodjoe. Naima was also often praised for her performance, especially when she was able to embody the deadly sin of “envy” for the “7 Deadly Sins” Photo Shoot. Her perseverance, positive attitude and great talent propelled her to the Top 2 with Kahlen Rondot , and after the two of them battled it out on a runway partially submerged in water, it became clear to the judges that Naima dominated the challenge, and thus, they crowned her as the fourth America’s Next Top Model.

Having won the competition, Naima was privileged enough to acquire a modeling contract with Ford Models, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, and a fashion spread in ELLE magazine. In 2005, she was a Miss Teen USA judge and made her way back to the runway for the charity event, Fashion Comedy Style. A year later, she graced the runway again, modeling for the Christopher Deane Spring 2006 Collection, Carlos Miele Fashion Show, Walmart and ELLEgirl Presents: Dare To Be You Spring 2006. She also appeared on the popular series, Veronica Mars, and can be seen in the pages of CoverGirl, Elle Magazine, Fuego Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, IN Touch Magazine, Star Magazine and Teen People Magazine.

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