ANTM – Winners, Gossip, & More

Welcome to the hottest new blog! ANTM Winner! If you can’t get enough of ANTM then this is the blog for you! We have pictures, video and more! If you addicted to the show, love the girls or just want to be a model yourself then this is for you.

Back in May 2003, ANTM was created by the former Victoria’s Secret model,  supermodel Tyra Banks.  At first no one knew what the show was or what to expect but once it aired and it was approved for a second season thousands of aspiring models from all over America  auditioned for the show and now, after 11 cycles, 11  girls were already named America’s Next Top Model

Not only will I bring you the winners but the goal is to bring you as many of the girls from the show as possible! Not only have we added video’s, and biography’s but each winner already has a minimum of 6 pictures on their profile! Book mark – us for more updates!!!


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