Danielle a.k.a Dani Evans Cycle 6 Winner

This bubbly but thoughdanielle-antm-cycle-6-america-next-top-model-six-falling top model winner here, Danielle (a.k.a. Dani), never failed to intensify her photos week after week. She wouldn’t have her tooth gap closed til Tyra told her that she really had to. Dani also had this serious case of dehydration when they were in Thailand but she didn’t let that show on her photo shoot which made the judges proud of her.

Born in the year 1986, Danielle Evans is a fashion model from Little, Rock Arkansas. She also goes by the name Danielle Mahoney, and was working as a babysitter before she joined America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6. She spends some of her free time reading ELLE magazine. She likes to munch on fried chicken, and among her favorite productions from the entertainment industry are the film Love and Basketball and the television series Making the Band and The Newlyweds.

Danielle isn’t the type to crave for attention, but she found herself getting a lot of it when she emerged as the winner of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6. Throughout the competition, she was not only known for her humor and kindness, but was also commended for her amazing pictures and great runway walk. The judges were often concerned about Danielle’s smile, as she had a gap between her two from teeth, and her very strong Southern accent. The judges felt that these traits were unbecoming of a CoverGirl representative and an over-all model. Danielle remedied the problem by having her tooth-gap lessened and by overcoming her accent. In addition, she encountered some health problems when she contracted food poisoning in Thailand and when she broke her pinky toe in one of the challenges. Nevertheless, she came out fighting from both incidents, and went on to finally become the sixth winner of America’s Next Top Model.

Because she won the competition, Danielle was immediately given a modeling contract from Ford Models. Since appearing on the show, Danielle has worked for magazines like ELLE, ElleGirl, Jewel Magazine, In Touch Weekly, Essence Magazine and Seventeen. She was also on the cover of PowerPlay Magazine and has been seen on a CoverGirl commercial with Queen Latifah and Tiiu Kuik. She was also featured on CW’s My Life as a Cover Girl in 2006, and has walked for the fashion shows of Baby Phat, Zang Toi and Style Fall ’07 during Fashion Week.


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