Adriane Curry – Cycle 1 Winner

l_c7a8c13127beef66c4393d84c10add061The first winner and one of the most successful AMTM models in the history of the show in my opinion is the stunning Adrianne Curry.

This is a tomboy from Joliet, Illinois who was crowned the first winner of AMTM.

Wikipedia states: “We were told throughout the taping of the show that the winner would have a huge cosmetics deal with Revlon. Billboards, magazines and all that wonderful fun stuff. What ended up happening was, I found out later on when I was waiting around for this deal that never showed up… I was told that it was just convention work. There had been a deal already arranged before they even picked out the contestants of the show that it would not be a big contract, but that it would just be this thing. They weren’t even sure if the show would make it on the air, let alone be a smash success and then into this cult phenomenon. To be in season one [of America’s Next Top Model] was fabulous because we were the first, but it was also a great learning experience.” –Adrianne Curry

Though a rocky start this successful woman has made herself into one of the most successful top models of all time. She has been on countless magazines including playboy, and Maxim, walked catwalks all over the world and appeared in her own TV shows.

“See the Adrianne Curry modelling photo’s her!”


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